I downloaded a Deadpool skin (the first one) from Planet Minecraft a while ago and have used it for a long, long time.

I fancied a change and thought that I’d try to find an X-Force skin because I’m currently reading Uncanny X-Force. I couldn’t find any decent ones so I thought I’d just try to recolour the skin I already had.

I’ve never made or re-coloured a skin before so I jumped in to it hoping for the worst and not expecting to use whatever came out.

After I was happy with what came out, I used that for a while and then went to change a couple of things before realising Deadpool’s outfit changed a fair bit in throughout X-Force so I tried to make his darker outfit which has a couple of extra things.

They’re not great but they’re not bad for a first and second attempt at skinning / recolouring a skin so I’m happy with them.

Also, shading is a pain in the arse. I just did it randomly, you can really tell in some places.

I’ll add the two recoulers below, just in case anyone actually wants them. It saves them the trouble of asking. The link to the original skin is the link the Planet Minecraft.

Deadpool X-Force White:

Deadpool X-Force Dark Alternate: